PARIS     le pont National  avalant

En 1936 le pont devenu trop étroit est doublé en amont d'une structure d'apparence identique. De 15.40 m il sera élargi à 34 m et le chemin de fer triplera son emprise.
La guerre ralentira ces travaux, il ne sera terminé qu'en juillet 1944.

Seul fait insolite : Le 3 octobre 1943 un avion britannique heurte le pont dans sa chute.

Pont National
photo Frédéric Boutleux

In 1936 the bridge became too narrow and was therefore duplicated further upstream – into an identical structural appearance. This 15.40 meters would be enlarged to 34 meters and the railways tripled its compulsory purchase.
The war halted the work on the bridge and it would only be completed in July 1944. On October the third 1943 an unusual occurrence took place, a British airplane collided with the bridge during its fall.

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